Stay safe and healthy n in doors in the house n wash hands
Donuts Iron Man super love
7 months ago
Stay safe! ❤️
7 months ago
No maple bar?! 😔



Cave exploring at Combe Martin beach 🌊


Woolacombe Beach, Devon🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿




The oldest standing light house in England - it’s had a light burning since 1320⚓️


Lynton & Lynmouth also known as ‘England’s Little Switzerland’🌊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


너어 다른 얘랑 쪘지!!! #뚱이의세계 #뚱태오


Less than 3 weeks until I can jet off again (🤞🏼) in the meantime here is the famous Liverpool Albert Docks I took last week 🇬🇧


Had some pictures developed for my travelling scrapbook📸


(100% real❄️) How do you feel right now? ❤️ You can talk about anything, I will listen.❤️😘 My blog - (link in bio!)



Self isolation is affecting people in different ways. We have been so busy busy busy and distracted that we haven’t had to always actually face ourselves or the people in our life. During this down time, there will be a potential for internal battles to rage. We discover new truths and feelings we had been suppressing with activity. If we are open, honest, fair and compassionate we will not only survive this- we will THRIVE after this. With the underlying stresses of slowing work, small spaces and emotional confrontation- parents are expected to just “suck it up”. The truth is, parents are kids too. It’s scary for them. Overwhelming even. As a result it can bring out all kinds of exaggerated emotion. Both kind and unhealthy. For all those in the path of negativity- just know your parents aren’t the only family You will have. Every person here on this thread is Your family. We are here for You and we love You. We are excited to have You with Us on this earth! For parents facing obstacles that seem so hard to climb- especially their own selves- We send our love. You can do this! #lovewins #lgbtq #grsm #trans #transisbeautiful #parenting #covid_19 #corona #together *note the above is not the original. It was approved by the parent and their actual messages repasted exactly as was with removal of a personal anecdote to protect certain intimate details of the referred to minor*


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