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Tipper Gore

Tipper Speaks at Super Tuesday Victory Celebration
Nashville, TN - 03.07.00


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Tipper Gore Visits West Virginia - Travels to Charleston
Tipper Gore will travel to West Virginia on Friday, April 28 on behalf of her husband’s campaign. Joined by Jay Rockefeller, U.S. Senator and other elected officials and party leaders, Mrs. Gore will attend a health care event and a supporters event. For more information, contact the Gore 2000 West Virginia HQ, 304/342-4414.

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Just for Kids
Tipper Gore

I'm Tipper Gore. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our interests and my husband's vision for leading this nation into the 21st Century. And I'm excited about the Internet's role in our campaign. I remember when Al first started using the phrase "Information Superhighway." Little did I know then how much this new medium could transport us all and open the doors of education to all Americans. Even back then, Al was talking about how the Internet would revolutionize the way people interact, learn, and communicate.
Tipper Gore

Throughout her life, Tipper Gore has been an active advocate for the health of families and communities. Learn more about Tipper Gore here.

Women for Gore

"No one has fought harder on behalf of America's families and children. And no one will fight harder and be more effective at keeping those priorities on our nation's agenda into the next century."

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, endorsing Al Gore on Tuesday, June 1
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