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Al GoreRead a chronological selection of major speeches by Al Gore—on issues ranging from how to keep America's prosperity going, to the new challenge of protecting privacy in the Information Age, to the need to expand access to education and lifelong learning in today's economy. This page lists speeches chronologically, for a listing by issue, click here.

o 07/15/00  Next Generation of Investments to Empower People -- DLC Conversation

o 07/10/00 Progress Now for the American People

o 06/27/00  Energy Security and Environment Trust - Philadelphia, PA

o 06/23/00  Training America for Prosperity and Progress

o 06/20/00  Retirement Savings for America's Families

o 06/13/00  Prosperity and Progress for America

o 6/5/00 E-government for The 21st Century - Research Triangle, NC

o 6/1/00  The War Against Cancer - Emory University, Atlanta, GA

o 5/29/00  Memorial Day 2000

o 5/23/00  AIPAC - Washington, DC

o 5/16/00  Columbia Law School Commencement - New York, NY

o 5/5/00  Michigan Education Association - Lansing, MI

o 5/2/00  Keeping Families Safe and Breaking the Cycle of Drugs and Crime - Atlanta, GA

o 4/30/00  International Press Institute - Boston, MA

o 4/28/00  National Conference of Black Mayors - Dallas, TX

o 04/25/00  ABNY Breakfast - New York, NY

o 4/22/00 Earth Day Rally On The Mall - Washington, D.C.

o 04/21/00  A New Generation of Vehicles - Detroit, MI

o 3/27/00 Political And Campaign Reform - Marquette University

o 02/15/00  Narrowing the Income Gap and Closing the "Digital Divide"
Morgan State University - Baltimore, MD

o 09/08/99  American Legion - Anaheim, CA

o 9/7/99  Improving and Expanding Health Care for America's Working Families - Los Angeles, CA

o 07/20/99  Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Celebration - Washington, DC

o 06/21/99  Family Re-Union Eight: Family and Community - Nashville, TN

o 06/19/99  NALEO 16th Annual Conference - Philadelphia, PA

o 06/16/99  Announcement of Candidacy - Carthage, TN

o 06/01/99  Women for Gore Kick-Off / Endorsement Event - Washington, DC

o 5/24/99  The Role of faith-based organizations - Atlanta, GA

o 5/23/99  Commencement Address - University of New Hampshire

o 5/16/99  Graceland College - Lamoni, Iowa

o 5/4/99  National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America - Detroit, MI

o 4/25/99  Colorado's Columbine Memorial - Jefferson City, CO

o 4/21/99  50th Anniversary of the Founding of NATO - Ellis Island, New York

o 3/5/99 Vanderbilt University Law School Leadership Dinner Honoring Pauline Lafon Gore - Nashville, TN

o 2/24/99  International Conference on Fighting Corruption - Washington, DC

o 1/29/99  World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland

o  1/14/99  Opening Session of International REGO Conference - Washington, DC

o 1/11/99  American Institute of Architects - Washington, DC

o 12/8/98  Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving for the Life of Senator Albert Gore, Sr. - Nashville, TN

o 12/2/98  DLC Annual Conference - Washington, DC

o 11/19/98  National Women's Law Center Dinner - Washington, DC

o 11/16/98  APEC Business Summit - Malaysia

o 11/6/98  Transatlantic Business Dialogue - Charlotte, NC

o 09/19/98  Human Rights Campaign Annual Dinner - Washington DC

o 9/2/98  The Brookings Institution - Washington, DC

o  8/16/98  NAACP Annual Convention - Atlanta, GA

o  7/23/98  Chornobyl Museum - Kiev, Ukraine

o 7/2/98 FDR Memorial, Washington, DC

o 6/3/98  AARP Biennial Convention - Minneapolis, MN

o 5/15/98  National Peace Officers Memorial Service - Washington, DC

o 5/14/98  New York University Commencement - New York, NY

o 5/8/98  Economic Club of Detroit - Detroit, MI

o 4/5/98  50th Anniversary of Israel's Founding - Jerusalem

o 3/23/98  "Protecting Our Children in the 21st Century" -- National PTA - Washington, DC

o 1/20/98  James D. Watson Lecture - Washington, DC

o  1/19/98  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Ebenezer Baptist Church - Atlanta, GA

o  1/12/98  Lifelong Learning Summit - Washington, DC

o 12/08/97  Climate Change Conference - Kyoto, Japan

o 10/9/97  Columbia Teachers College - New York, NY

o 8/17/97  Yellowstone National Park 125th Anniversary - Yellowstone National Park

o 5/8/97 Microsoft CEO Summit, Seattle, WA

o  8/1/94  Commemoration of the Warsaw Uprising - Warsaw, Poland

o 6/9/94  Commencement Day at Harvard University - Cambridge, MA



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