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Gore 2000

Al with kids

Quiz 1 This fall, Gore 2000 will host meetings throughout Iowa. How many counties are in that state?


Quiz 2 Tipper Gore joined a parade in Milford, New Hampshire on September 6th to celebrate which holiday?

      Labor Day
      Memorial Day
      Flag Day
      Earth Day
      Columbus Day

Quiz 3 At what age may Americans begin to vote?


Quiz 4 Where did Al and Tipper Gore first meet?

      At a concert
      During a college class
      At a high school dance
      At a photo exhibit

Quiz 5 Al and Tipper Gore were married on May 19, 1970. What was Al wearing at their wedding?

       A blue tuxedo
       A three piece suit
       An Army uniform

Quiz 6 Committed to helping build better communities for America's working families, Al Gore proposes:

      More green and open spaces
      Easing traffic congestion
      Regional cooperation for smarter growth
      Schools as centers for communities
      All of the above

Quiz 7 Al and Tipper Gore's first grandson was born July 4, 1999 to daughter Karenna and her husband, Dr. Drew Schiff. What is the name of this new member of the Gore family?




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Al Gore with Kids

This is a campaign for your future! It's about the world you will inherit in the 21st Century. And I want you to be a part of it. Tell me about yourself and what kind of future you want to see for America. Ask me a question, play a game or take our campaign quiz. I want your help to make this a better web site. If there is something you would like to see on the site, or if you have any ideas for this special kids' page, please let me know! Send E-mail to:

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Joshua Salazar

Joshua Salazar, son of Gore supporter Roger Salazar, is big fan of the Gore 2000 Kids page.

Jack Ochs with the VP

Jack Ochs, son of Gore 2000 supporter Ellen Ochs, high-fives Al Gore in Washington earlier this year

Daisy - one of the Gore family's dogs Where's Daisy?
Daisy, one of the Gore Family's two dogs, is hidden somewhere on Can you find her? Here's a hint: She likes photos......lots of photos!

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