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Start out as a Gore 2000 Volunteer On Line Field Organizer, and as you recruit more activists we will be in touch to give you more responsibility for organizing on line. Move up the chain of command - Volunteer On Line Deputy Field Directors, Field Directors, Congressional District and Statewide On Line Directors will all be chosen according to their level of involvement.

It's easy - just fill out this form to get started as a Gore 2000 Volunteer On Line Field Organizer:

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Hi! I'm sending this note to let you know that I am supporting Al Gore for President in 2000. His campaign website is a great resource for the latest in campaign news and information, and I thought you might be interested in signing up for the Gore 2000 campaign update. If you want to sign up, just go to, and fill out the quick and easy form.

I hope you take this opportunity to become a part of the Gore 2000 Internet Team.


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Your privacy is a priority

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