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Online Bumper Sticker

Use these images on your computer as your wallpaper! Either tile the images across your screen, or just center any one of these images on your desktop.

Screen Snapshot - Tiled
Screen Snapshot - Full


Screen Snapshot - Tiled
Screen Snapshot - Full


(6K) PC Tile (.bmp)
(151K) PC Full (.bmp)

(1K) Mac Tile (.gif)
(6K) Mac Full (.gif)

(6K) PC Tile (.bmp)
(901K) PC Full (.bmp)

(2K) Mac Tile (.gif)
(4K) Mac Full (.gif)

*Note: The Full .bmp and .gif files are 640 x 480 pixels

Instructions: Windows (95, NT, & 98)

  1. Right click on the image that you want.
  2. Select "Set as Wallpaper"
  3. Your screen should now have the image in it's background.

Instructions: Macintosh (Mac OS 8.0+ only)

  1. Hold mouse button down over image you want.
  2. Select "Save image as" (to your hard drive)
  3. Go to Apple Menu > Control Panels > Appearance > Desktop
  4. Remove current image and Select new image
  5. Navigate through your hard drive to find the image you saved
  6. Select "Position Automatically"
  7. Your screen should now have the image in it's background

Interactive Banner

Gore Banner

Here is an interactive bumper sticker. You can copy the following code snippet and paste it into an interactive display on your desktop. Over time this image will change as we will update it regularly throughout the campaign. This gives you the most current headlines about the Al Gore 2000 Campaign right on your desktop! All you need to see the latest sticker is an open connection to the Internet.

It's fun, and it will help you help keep informed about the latest campaign activities and news. Enjoy!

<img src="">

Email Bumper Sticker

Many of us in the campaign use our email signature to show support for Al Gore. You can too. Here's an idea for a snippet for your email signature file.

I Support Al Gore for President!


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