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Volunteer for Gore 2000!
Your participation is critical to our campaign. Sign up now, and become a part of our rapidly growing group of Internet Volunteers, by filling out our volunteer form.

We want to see the Gore campaign through your eyes!

Let's make this a truly interactive campaign -- the very first in history. Share your personal ideas for the Gore 2000 Volunteer Multimedia Project. Send us a message -- and you can include audio or video (via snail mail for now) telling us why this campaign is so important to America. Then, we'll consider your message as well as the audio or video content. Send your clips to us over the Internet (or by snail mail), and we'll put the very best videos and photos right onto the site. If you want to be a part of our volunteer multimedia brigade, e-mail us at:

This is your campaign -- and I want to hear directly from you.

Ask me a question through our Interactive Town Hall. Give us your ideas for improving the web site. Use the Al Gore 2000 web site to make this the most exciting and interactive campaign ever.

In the spirit of the Open Source movement, we have established the Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project. is an "open site".

It's up to you! We are asking for your help as a volunteer individual - generate ideas and feedback that will help us shape the Al Gore 2000 web site into a powerful grassroots political force.

We want the site to grow and change and get better every day. Right now, you're seeing the initial phase of our Internet campaign. This site is a living document. We want you, the individual, to help in shaping its evolution -- and we'll implement the very best ideas and suggestions on-line!

Since we launched in April 1999, over 200 different suggestions from individual source code volunteers have been implemented on the site, improving the quality of the experience for all who visit it.

Take a look at our source code. Send us your ideas on how to improve it, and build a better campaign web site. The Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project wants to hear from you today! To get involved with the Gore 2000 Volunteer Source Code Project, send e-mail to:

Open Source and Multimedia Volunteers should read this important Legal Notice.

Online Activist Kit
Join the Gore 2000 Internet Team!
Become a part of our I-Team! Move up through the campaign ranks - you start out as an I-Team field organizer. The more activists you recruit, the more responsibility you will have. We need you to help organize on line activists in your town, city or state. Get started today!

Get a downloadable bumper sticker
Choose from a variety of free downloadable bumper stickers to wallpaper your desktop with.

Download Gore 2000 campaign materials to your desktop!
All the free construction materials you need for a Gore 2000 interactive display on your desktop. Choose from several free downloadable bumper stickers to use as wallpaper, or a wide variety of other downloadable content.

Add the Gore 2000 FasTV Player to your web site!
It's easy. Just choose which FasTV player image you want, then cut and paste the HTML in the text windows below onto your page! For the large faceplate, with a search feature like the one on the right, use this HTML:

Click here to launch the Gore 2000 FasTV Player
For a small faceplate, use this HTML:


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Licensed and Approved Gore 200 Merchandise

Follow the links below for licensed and approved Gore 2000 campaign merchandise!

*,, and are independent sites run by licensed and approved vendors of Gore 2000 campaign merchandise. To return to from these pages, simply hit the "back" button your browser.

Launch The Gore 2000 FasTV Player! Search all our webcasts, ads and Internet-only video issues statements, adn email clips to your friends with the Gore 2000 FasTV player. (requires the RealPlayer and Netscape 4.5+ or Internet Explorer 5.0)

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