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Vice President Launches Ganamos Con Gore

September 14, 1999
Contact: Roger Salazar
(202) 263-6141

Washington, D.C. - Al Gore has received the support of hundreds of Hispanic elected officials and community leaders from across the country. The endorsements came today as Al Gore kicked off Ganamos con Gore (We Win with Gore) -- a national effort by Gore 2000 to energize Al Gore's deep, broad-based support in the Hispanic community -- at an national event in Washington.

"I am honored to have the support of so many outstanding Latino leaders from across the country," Al Gore said. "We share the same values: familia, educacion, amor de patria, communidad, y Dios.* With their support and partnership, we can take giant steps forward for the working families who are the hope and soul of this nation." * (Family, education, love of country, community, and God)

The Hon. Bill Richardson, said, "Al Gore has demonstrated leadership and vision on the issues that matter most to the Hispanic community - education, jobs, healthcare, and strengthening families. His initiatives on children's health and Hispanic education are great investments for a prosperous future for Hispanics in America."

"Vice President Gore has backed up his commitment to the Latino community with action," added the Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "Under the leadership of the Clinton-Gore administration, we have seen Latino poverty and unemployment drop to their lowest levels in history. But the Vice President knows that we have much more work to do and I believe he will fight for the kind of change our communities need. That is why I am supporting Al Gore for President of the United States."

The Hon. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus said, "From the first day Al Gore took the oath of office as Vice President, he has been an advocate for our community. Whether it was lifting more than one million Hispanics out of poverty through the Earned Income Tax Credit, or unveiling an aggressive plan to have the Small Business Administration make $25 billion in loans to Hispanic businesses, or making the largest investment in a Hispanic Education plan, Al Gore has been a fighter for Hispanic Americans. I am proud to endorse him along with hundreds of other Latino elected officials, because Al Gore understands that our agenda is America's agenda; our challenges are America's challenges; and our future is America's future."

Pedro Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico commented, "Vice President Gore possesses an extraordinary intellectual capacity and honesty, has an extensive knowledge and sensitivity of the American Government and society, and has demonstrated a profound commitment to improving the health, education, and quality of life for all Americans. It is my conviction that he is the most qualified person to be the next President of the United States, and I feel privileged to be able to work with him towards that goal."

Today's kick-off of Ganamos con Gore is the formal launch of a continual national effort by Gore 2000 to build on the strong grassroots support that exists for Al Gore in the Hispanic community. As part of her duties as Deputy Campaign Manager and Director of Public Liaison for Gore 2000, Janet Murguia will oversee Ganamos con Gore, along with other constituency outreach efforts.

Jose Villarreal, Gore 2000 National Treasurer, added, "As the first official named to Gore 2000, I am proud to play a leading role in Al Gore's campaign. Al Gore knows how hard Hispanic families work and the pressures they face. We can count on him to stand up for what's right and, when we elect him President, he will make a difference for Hispanic working families and families across America."

The following is a list of over 500 Hispanic elected officials and community leaders from across the country who have pledged their support to Al Gore for President of the United States.

Hispanic Elected Officials and Community Leaders who have pledged their support for Al Gore:

Ed Pastor, U.S. Representative, AZ
Xavier Becerra, U.S. Representative, CA
Matthew G. Martinez, U.S. Representative, CA
Graciela Napolitano, U.S. Representative, CA
Lucille Roybal-Allard, U.S. Representative, CA
Nydia Velazquez, U.S. Representative, NY
Robert Menendez, U.S. Representative, NJ
Charlie Gonzalez, U.S. Representative, TX
Ruben Hinojosa, U.S. Representative, TX
Solomon Ortiz, U.S. Representative, TX
Silvestre Reyes, U.S. Representative, TX
Ciro Rodriguez, U.S. Representative, TX
Carlos Romero-Barcelo, U.S. Representative, PR
Robert Underwood, U.S. Representative, GU
Pedro Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico
Cruz Bustamante, Lieutenant Governor of California
Ken Salazar, Attorney General of Colorado
Patricia Madrid, Attorney General of New Mexico
Rebecca Vigil-Giron, Secretary of State of New Mexico
Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker of the California State Assembly
Raymond Sanchez, Speaker of the New Mexico State House of Representatives
Thomas Calderon, State Assembly, Montebello, CA
Tony Cardenas, State Assembly, CA
Gil Cedillo, State Assembly, CA
Lou Correa, State Assembly, Santa Ana, CA
Dean Florez, State Assembly, Bakersfield, CA
Martin Gallegos, State Assembly, City of Industry, CA
Denise Moreno-Ducheny, State Assembly , CA
Sarah Reyes, State Assembly, Fresno, CA
Gloria Romero, State Assembly, Monterey Park, CA
Carmen Arroyo, State Assembly, Bronx, NY
Ruben Diaz, State Assembly, Bronx, NY
Adriano Espaillat, State Assembly, New York, NY
Roberto Ramirez, State Assembly, Bronx, NY
Peter Rivera, State Assembly, Bronx, NY
Carlos Avelar, State Representative, Phoenix, AZ
Sally Ann Gonzales, State Representative, Tucson, AZ
John Loredo, State Representative, Phoenix, AZ
Rebecca Rios, State Representative, Phoenix, AZ
Ramon Valadez, State Representative, Tucson, AZ
Jose Cardenas, State Representative, Parlier, CA
Marco Firebaugh, State Representative, Huntington Park, CA
Nell Soto, State Representative, Ontario, CA
Annie Betancourt, State Representative, Miami, FL
Bob Henriquez, State Representative, Tampa, FL
Anthony Suarez, State Representative, FL
Edward Acevedo, State Representative, Chicago, IL
Edgar Lopez, State Representative, Chicago, IL
Sonia Silva, State Representative, Chicago, IL
Cheryl A. Rivera, State Representative, MA
Belda Garza, State Representative, MI
Lynne Martinez, State Representative, MI
Mary Helen Garcia, State Representative, Las Cruces, NM
Patsy Trijillo Knauer, State Representative, Santa Fe, NM
Fred Luna, State Representative, Los Lunas, NM
Rick Miera, State Representative, Albuquerque, NM
Nick Salazar, State Representative, San Juan , NM
William Sapien, State Representative, Bernailillo, NM
Felix Ortiz, State Representative, Brooklyn, NY
Leo Alvarado , State Representative, San Antonio, TX
Jessica Farrar, State Representative, Houston, TX
John Longoria, State Representative, San Antonio, TX
Paul Moreno, State Representative, El Paso, TX
Irma Rangel, State Representative, Austin , TX
Carlos Uresti, State Representative, San Antonio, TX
Miguel Wise, State Representative, Weslaco, TX
Linda Aguirre, State Senator, Phoenix, AZ
Peter Rios, State Senator, Hayden, AZ
Victor Soltero, State Senator, South Tucson, AZ
Joe Baca, State Senator, San Bernardino, CA
Liz Figueroa, State Senator, Sacramento, CA
Hilda Solis, State Senator, La Puente, CA
Tony Munoz, State Senator, IL
Phil Griego, State Senator, Tijeras, NM
Michael Sanchez, State Senator, Belen, NM
David Rosado, State Senator, NY
Eddie Lucio Jr., State Senator, Brownsville, TX
Carlos Truan, State Senator, Corpus Christi, TX
Edwina Garcia, Former State Representative, Richfield, MN
Carlos Bernal, City Councilmember, San Luis, AZ
Carlo Leone , City Councilmember, Peoria , AZ
Raul Grijalva, County Supervisor, Tucson, AZ
Mary Rose Wilcox, County Supervisor, Phoenix, AZ
Thomas Morales, Mayor, Avondale, AZ
Frances Osuna, Mayor, Guadalupe, AZ
Roberto Canchola, School Superintendent, Nogales, AZ
Andrew Sandoval, School Board Member, Phoenix, AZ
Irma Sang, School Board Member, Patagonia, AZ
Jose Leyba, Superintendent of Schools, Chandler, AZ
Melinda Diaz, Vice Mayor, Tolleson, AZ
Manuel Aguirre, Jr., Vice-Mayor, Winkelman, AZ
Juan Arambula, County Supervisor, Fresno, CA
David Barron, City Clerk, Monterey Park, CA
Madolyn Agrimonti, City Councilmember, Daly City, CA
Javier Alatorre, City Councilmember, Calexico, CA
Richard Alatorre, City Councilmember, Los Angeles, CA
Jesus Apodaca, City Councilmember, San Joaquin, CA
Edward "Eddie" Barela, City Councilmember, Parlier, CA
Carlos Benavides, City Councilmember, Brawley, CA
Lara Larramendi Blakely, City Councilmember, Monrovia, CA
Al Bonilla, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Coalinga, CA
Mark Breceda, City Councilmember, Irwindale, CA
Pilar Cano, City Councilmember, Huron, CA
Gloria Cortez-Keene, County Supervisor, Merced, CA
Fidel De La Cruz, City Councilmember, Mendota, CA
Manny Diaz, City Councilmember, San Jose, CA
Margie Fernandez, City Councilmember, San Jose, CA
Joe Garcia, City Councilmember, Monrovia, CA
Ramon Gomez, City Councilmember, Watsonville, CA
Josie Gonzales, City Councilmember, Fontana, CA
Diana Guerra-Silva, City Councilmember, Orange Cove, CA
Paul Guitierrez, City Councilmember, Riverbank, CA
Avelardo Hernandez, City Councilmember, San Joaquin, CA
Michael Hernandez, City Councilmember, Santa Cruz, CA
Daniel Juarez, City Clerk, Hawthorne, CA
Dennis Lujan, City Councilmember, Selma, CA
Rick Maldonado, City Councilmember, Parlier, CA
Manuel Manche, City Councilmember, Fontana, CA
John Marquez, City Councilmember, Richmond, CA
John Marquez, City Councilmember, Richmond, CA
Adolfo Martinez, City Councilmember, Orange Cove, CA
Steven Martinez, City Councilmember, Mendota, CA
Antonio Mendoza, City Councilmember, Artesia, CA
Gloria Molina, County Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Morales, Board Member, Dinuba, CA
Raul Moriel, City Councilmember, South Gate, CA
Frances Ortiz, City Councilmember, Woodlake, CA
Luis Patlan, City Councilmember, Parlier, CA
Thomas Payan, City Councilmember, Dinuba, CA
Richard Ramos, City Councilmember, San Fernando, CA
Louis Blue Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Huron, CA
Rogelios Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Bell Gardens, CA
Roy Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Orange Cove, CA
Diana Guerra Silva, City Councilmember, Orange Cove, CA
Frossanna Vallerga, City Councilmember, Colma, CA
Esteban Vasquez, City Councilmember, Brawley, CA
Carmen Perez, DNC Member Long Beach, CA
Mary Salas, Deputy Mayor, Chula Vista, CA
Evaristo Barajas, Mayor, Fillmore, CA
Anna Caballero, Mayor, Salinas, CA
Edward Chavez, Mayor, La Puente, CA
Edward Chavez, Mayor, El Centro, CA
Raymond Chavez, Mayor, Huron, CA
Ramon Dominguez, Mayor, Huron, CA
Karl Gaytan, Mayor, Colton, CA
Paul Gomez, Mayor, Woodlake, CA
Victor Lopez, Mayor, Orange Cove, CA
Frank Martinez, Mayor, Orange Cove, CA
Pat Miranda, Mayor, Irwindale, CA
Pat Miranda, Mayor, Irwindale, CA
Jess Ortiz, Mayor, Arvin, CA
Art Payan, Mayor, Montebello, CA
George Perez, Mayor, Cudahy, CA
Miguel Pulido, Mayor, Santa Ana, CA
Oscar Rios, Mayor, Watsonville, CA
Mary Helen Rocha, Mayor, Antioch, CA
Trinidad Rodriguez, Mayor, Kerman, CA
Valeriano Saucedo, Mayor, Lindsay, CA
Joe Serna, Jr., Mayor, Sacramento, CA
Chris Silva, Mayor, Indio , CA
Manuel Valerio, Mayor, Sunnyvale, CA
Judith Valles, Mayor, San Bernardino, CA
Maria Chacon, Mayor, Pro Tem, Bell Gardens, CA
Sylvia Chavez, Mayor, Pro Tem, Pico Rivera, CA
Betty Vallejo, Mayor, Pro Tem, San Joaquin, CA
Juanita Veliz, City Clerk, Huron, CA
Pedro Villarreal, School Board Member, Bakersfield, CA
Joseph Amador, Mayor, Pro Tem, Mendota, CA
Kay Calas, Mayor, Pro Tem, Carson, CA
Silverio Robledo, Mayor, Pro-Tem, San Fernando, CA
Rosalie Alvarado, School Board Member, National City, CA
M. Susan Carrillo, School Board Member, Cerritos, CA
Victoria Castro , School Board Member, Los Angeles, CA
Mario Chiappe, School Board Member, Lawndale, CA
Felix Elizalde, School Board Member, Castro Valley, CA
Linda Fernandes, School Board Member, Union City , CA
Maria Fuentes, School Board Member, San Jose, CA
Lucio "Chio" Gonzales, School Board Member, Delano , CA
Luis Gonzales, School Board Member, Stockton, CA
Maria Gonzales, School Board Member, Plananda, CA
Esau Ruiz Herrera, School Board Member, San Jose, CA
Louis Montion, School Board Member, Visalia, CA
Sal Morales, School Board Member, Modesto, CA
Henry Murietta, School Board Member, Fowler, CA
Sylvia Orona, School Board Member, Whittier, CA
Rosemary Ramirez, School Board Member, Mendota, CA
Victor Ramirez, School Board Member, Solana Beach, CA
Joseph Riofrio, School Board Member, Mendota, CA
Joaquin Rivera, School Board Member, Berkeley, CA
Raul Salcido, School Board Member, Pico Rivera, CA
Greg Sandoval, School Board Member, Chula Vista, CA
Edward Vicent, School Board Member , CA
Blanca Figueroa, Vice Mayor, South El Monte, CA
Elsa Valdez, School Board Trustee, San Bernardino, CA
Marco Robles, Vice-Mayor, Pomona, CA
Blanca Carrillo, Vice President of the Board Water Replenishment District, Hamilton City, CA
Ramona Martinez, City Councilmember, Denver, CO
Deborah Ortega, City Councilmember, Dever, CO
Andrew Perea, County Clerk, Conejos, CO
Chris Munoz, County Clerk and Recorder, Pueblo , CO
Diana Wasserman, School Board Member , FL

Gene Enriquez, Mayor, Danbury, CT
Stephanie Sanchez, Mayor, Greenwhich, CT

Alvaro Cifuentes, DNC Member , Washington, DC
Vilma Colon, Alderman, Chicago , IL
Joseph Berrios, Commissioner, Chicago, IL
Roberto Maldonado, County Commissioner, Chicago, IL
Joseph Mario Moreno, County Commissioner, Chicago, IL
Charles Suarez, County Treasurer, Fairmont City, IL
John Fernandez, Mayor, Bloomington, IL
Buster Porch, Mayor, Calumet Park , IL
Gery Chico, School Reform Board of Trustees, Chicago, IL
Robert Nunes, Mayor, Tauton, MA
Arnelia Castillo, Associate DFL Chair, Steele County, MN
Marcellino Punte, Saint Paul, MN
Gloria Solis, Trustee ,Charlotte I.S.D., NC
Rafael Fraguela, City Commissioner, Union City, NJ
Anselmo Millan, City Councilmember, Harrison, NJ
Nellie Moyeno, City Councilmember, Hoboken, NJ
Alfonso Ortiz, Jr., City Councilmember and County Treasurer, Las Vegas, NM
Mark Guerin, City Councilor, Las Vegas, NM
Manuel Madrid, City Councilor, Artesia, NM
Judy Martinez, City Councilor, Chama, NM
Domingo Martinez, State Auditor, Santa Fe, NM
Dave Romero, City Attorney, NM
Jack Valencia, City Councilor, Las Cruces, NM
Floyd Archuleta, City Councilmember, Espanola, NM
Alan Armijo, City Councilmember, Albuquerque, NM
Dan Armijo, City Councilmember, Socorro, NM
Frank Cruz, City Councilmember, Taos, NM
Marciela Estrada, City Councilmember, Sunland Park, NM
Jean Fraissinet, City Councilmember, Socorro, NM
Michael Gallegos, City Councilmember, Las Vegas, NM
Erlinda Gonzalez, City Councilmember, Taos, NM
Macario Gonzalez, City Councilmember, Las Vegas, NM
Leroy R. LeDoux, City Councilmember, Wagon Mound, NM
Manuel Martinez, City Councilmember, Hurley, NM
Raul Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Aretsia, NM
Juan Saenz, Councilor, Bayard, NM
Valentin Anaya, County Assesor, Socorro, NM
Lorraine Dominguez, County Assessor, Rio Rancho, NM
Benito J. Martinez, County Assessor, Santa Fe, NM
Patricia Aragon, County Clerk, Grants, NM
Carmen Gallegos, County Clerk, Socorro, NM
Rita Torres, County Clerk, Las Cruces, NM
Gilbert Apodaca, County Commissioner, Las Cruces, NM
Richard Anaya, County Commissioner, Santa Fe, NM
Laurel Armijo, County Commissioner, Socorro, NM
Joseph Cervantes, County Commissioner, Las Cruces, NM
Javier Gonzales, County Commissioner, Sante Fe, NM
Joe Grine, County Commissioner, Santa Fe, NM
Leo Lovato, County Commissioner, Veguita, NM
Ken Miyagishima, County Commissioner, Las Cruces, NM
Eloy Ortega, County Commissioner, Roswell, NM
Larry Rascon, County Commissioner, Las Vegas, NM
Ken Sanchez, County Commissioner, Alberquerque, NM
Josephine Montoya, County Treasurer, Bernalillo, NM
Orlando Vigil, County Treasurer, Albuquerque, NM
Isabel Montoya, County Tresurer, Socorro, NM
Rudy S. Apodaca, Court of Appeals Chief Justice, Las Cruces, NM
Matthew Sandoval, District Attorney, Las Vegas, NM
Henry R. Valdez, District Attorney, Santa Fe, NM
Danny Cruz, Mayor, Springer, NM
David Diaz, Mayor, Hurley, NM
Juan R. Griego, Mayor, Tijeras, NM
Matt Martinez, Mayor, Las Vegas, NM
Manuel Romero, Mayor, Questa, NM
Ruben Smith, Mayor, Las Cruces, NM
Carlos Castaneda, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Mesilla, NM
Robert Rodriguez, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Lordsburg, NM
David J. Ramos, Municipal Court Judge, Hurley, NM
Eddie Trujillo, Municipal Court Judge, Las Vegas, NM
Jerome Block, Public Regulation Commissioner, Santa Fe, NM
Annadelle Sanchez, Region Vice Chair, Espanola, NM
Ruben Alvarado, School Board Member, Las Cruces, NM
Steve Archuleta, School Board Member, El Rito, NM
Richard Avalos, School Board Member, Hurley, NM
Richard Bustos, School Board Member, Mora, NM
Elias Coriz, School Board Member, Chimayo, NM
Pete Gonzales, School Board Member Socorro, NM
Dulces Guardiola, School Board Member, Fairview, NM
Joe Guillen, School Board Member, Espanola, NM
Andy Lopez, School Board Member, El Rito, NM
Louis Lujan, School Board Member, Roy, NM
Roy Martinez, School Board Member, Taos, NM
Guadalupe Moya, School Board Member, El Rito, NM
Alex Naranjo, School Board Member, Espanola, NM
Leroy Salazar, School Board Member, Espanola, NM
Lorenzo Tafoya, School Board Member, Santo Domingo, NM
Anthony Valdez, School Board Member, Los Ojos, NM
Nelson Cordova, Sheriff, Espanola, NM
Ray Rivera, Sheriff, Bernalillo, NM
Felix Saavedra, Sheriff, Socorro, NM
Paul Bustamante, Socorro Electric Coop, Polvadera, NM
Michael Montoya, State Treasurer, Santa Fe, NM

Fernando Ferrer, Bronx Borough President, New York, NY
Venancio Catala, State Committeeman , NY
Freddy Perez, State Committeeman , NY
Hilda Alvarez, District Leader, NY
Terry Bastone, District Leader, NY
Luis Diaz, District Leader, New York, NY
Isabel Llanos, District Leader, NY
Nilsa Moreno, District Leader, NY
Adolfo Carrion, City Councilmember, , NY
Guillermo Linares, City Councilmember, New York, NY
Roberto Quintana, City Councilmember, Buffalo, NY
Jose Rivera, City Councilmember, New York, NY
Angelo Cintron, Deputy Mayor, Haverstraw, NY

William Miranda-Marin, Mayor, Caguas, PR
Margarita Nolasco Santiago, Mayor, Coamo, PR
Melinda Romero-Donnelly, Puerto Rico Representative , PR
Lucy Arce, Puerto Rico Senator, Aguadilla, PR
Celita Arroyo de Roques, Puerto Rico Senator, Rio Piedras, San Juan, PR
Luisa Le Bron, Puerto Rico Senator , PR
Kenneth D McClintock , Puerto Rico Senator, Cidra, PR
Xenia Belez-Silva, Puerto Rico Treasury Secretary , PR
Carlos Pesquera, Transportation Secretary, Guaynabo, PR
Vangie Garcia, Alderman, La Villa, TX
Jesus Oyuela, Alderman, Alton, TX
Lupe Rangel, Alderman, La Villa, TX
Paul Jaura, Board Member, Beeville, TX
August Nunez, Board Member, Humble, TX
Bobby Telas, Board Member, El Paso, TX
Jose Tijerina, Board Member, Rio Grande City, TX
Oswald Alanis, County Commissioner, Orange Grove, TX
Ricky Alaniz, County Commissioner, Hebbronville, TX
Pamela Benavides, District Clerk, Hebbronville, TX
Noe Guerra, District Clerk, Falfurrias, TX
Manny Molinar, County Commissioner, Van Horn, TX
Jesus Ortiz, County Commissioner, Del Rio, TX
Rudolfo Rodriguez, School District Trustee, Pearsall
Rene Nunez, State Board of Education, El Paso, TX
Eliazar Escobedo, City Commisisoner, Alamo, TX
Filomena Arcaute, City Commissioner, Edcouch, TX
Roy Bustamante, City Commissioner, Rio Hondo, TX
Yvette Cabrera, City Commissioner, Granjeno, TX
Bea Carreon, City Commissioner, Donna, TX
Senovio Castillo, City Commissioner, Elsa, TX
Raul Gonzalez, City Commissioner, Pharr, TX
Jaime Ortiz, City Commissioner, Mercedes, TX
Jose Puente, City Commissioner, San Juan, TX
Troy Smethers, City Commissioner, Alamo, TX
Gloria Sotelo, City Commissioner, Del Rio, TX
Pablo Soto, Jr., City Commissioner, Pharr, TX
Carlos Vellegas, City Commissioner, Pharr, TX
Eraclio Villarreal, City Commissioner, Mission City, TX
Gilbert Weaver, City Commissioner, San Benito, TX
Berta Calzada, City Councilmember, Odessa, TX
John Castillo, City Councilmember, Houston, TX
Jody Cerda, City Councilmember, Crystal City, TX
Steve Collazo, City Councilmember, Pearsall, TX
Daniel Dillard, City Councilmember, Hidalgo, TX
Miguel Estrada, City Councilmember, Donna, TX
Graciela Flores, City Councilmember, Palmview, TX
Nora Flores, City Councilmember, Crystal City, TX
Elvia Hernandez, City Councilmember, El Paso, TX
Antonio Lemus, City Councilmember, Falfurrias, TX
Elfego Martinez, City Councilmember, Crystal City, TX
Arnoldo Medina, City Councilmember, Beeville, TX
Antonio Mendoza, City Councilmember, Artesia City, TX
Noemi L. Morales, City Councilmember, Alvin, TX
Eddie Munoz, City Councilmember, Ft. Stockton, TX
Leonel Pena, City Councilmember, Mission, TX
Lecho Quiroga, City Councilmember, Uvalde, TX
Charlie Rodgers, City Councilmember, Eden, TX
Luis Sarinana, City Representative, El Paso, TX
J.D. Salinas, Clerk, Hidalgo, TX
Oscar Garza, Commissioner, Hidalgo, TX
Carlos Gonzalez, Commissioner, La Salle County, TX
Julian Gonzalez, Commissioner, Mission, TX
Gilberto M. Ray, Commissioner, Pecos, TX
Richard Rodriguez, Commissioner, Harlingen, TX
Graciela Salinas-Flores, Commissioner, Palmview, TX
Horacio Aguirre, Constable, Weslaco, TX
Rudy Balcazar, Constable, Van Horn, TX
Conrado Cantu, Constable, Brownsville, TX
Rumaldo Cerda, Constable, Edinburg, TX
Raul Hinojosa, Constable, Laredo, TX
Ramiro Medellin Jr., Constable, Armstrong, TX
Rocky Medrano, Constable, Austin, TX
Victor Trevino, Constable, Houston, TX
Santiago Zarate, Constable, Grulla, TX
Diana Rincon, Councilmember, Alice, TX
Danny Solis, Alderman, Chicago, IL, TX
Ninfa G. Ogdee, County Assessor, Falfurrias, TX
Jesusa Sanchez-Vera, County Attorney, Alice, TX
Carlos Aguilar, County Commissioner, El Paso, TX
Oswaldo Alaniz, County Commissioner, Jim Wells, TX
Robert Aldaco, County Commissioner, La Salle, TX
Adolfo Alvarez, County Commissioner, Pearsall, TX
Carlos Cascos, County Commissioner, Brownsville, TX
Mike L. Fernandez, County Commissioner, Val Verde, TX
Mary Flores, County Commissioner, TX
Arcenio Garcia, County Commissioner, Cotulla, TX
Gloria Garza, County Commissioner, Fulfurrias, TX
Margaret J. Gomez, County Commissioner, Austin , TX
Salvador Gonzalez, County Commissioner, Fulfurrias, TX
Sylvia Handy, County Commissioner, Mercedes, TX
Abelardo Leyva, County Commissioner, Alpine, TX
David A. Lopez , County Commissioner, Crystal City, TX
Ramon Navarro, County Commissioner, Fulfurrias, TX
Oscar Ortiz, County Commissioner, Corpus Christi, TX
Hector Palacios, County Commissioner, Hidalgo, TX
Raul Ramirez, County Commissioner, Fulfurrias, TX
Rick Reyes, County Commissioner, Laredo , TX
Frank Schwing Jr., County Commissioner, Corpus Christi, TX
Herman Tarin, County Commissioner, Balmorhea, TX
Natividad "Tivi" Valencia, County Commissioner, Harlingen, TX
Miguel "Mike" Villanueva, County Commissioner, Sonora, TX
Tony Villarreal, County Commissioner, Fort Stockton, TX
Pablo Avila, County Court Judge, Crystal City, TX
Manuel Benavidez, County Democratic Chair, Community College Board Member, Grulla, TX
Dolores Briones, County Judge, El Paso, TX
Gilberto Hinojosa, County Judge, Brownsville, TX
Oscar Lopez, County Sheriff, Alice, TX
Larry Olivarez, County Sheriff, Corpus Chrisit, TX
Anna D. Gonzalez, County Tax Assessor – Collector, Floresville, TX
Zaragoza Gutierrez III, County Tax Assessor –Collector, San Diego, TX
Teresa Martin , County Tax Assessor-Collector, Archer City, TX
Sylvia Romo, County Tax Assessor-Collector, San Antonio, TX
Marina Vasquez, County Tax Assessor, Hebbronville, TX
Esteban Luna, County Tax Assessor, Eagle Pass, TX
Daniel Lopez Jr., County Treasurer, San Diego, TX
Dolores Ortega Carter, County Treasurer, Austin , TX
Hortencia Ramos, County Treasurer, Alpine, TX
Amelia Rizzuto, County Treasurer, Lockhart, TX
Gilberto Vela, County Treasurer, Fulfurrias, TX
Jaime Esparza, District Attorney, El Paso, TX
Roberto Serna, District Attorney, Eagle Pass, TX
Albert Valadez, District Attorney, Fort Stockton, TX
Aurora De La Garza, District Clerk, Brownsville, TX
Pauline Gonzalez, District Clerk, Edinburg, TX
Mary Elizabeth Jimenez, District Clerk, Victoria , TX
Alicia Lopez Martinez, District Clerk, Carrizo Springs, TX
Amalia Rodrigue-Mendoza, District Clerk, Austin , TX
Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, District Clerk, Austin , TX
JoAnne Salgado, District Clerk, Alpine, TX
Oscar Soliz, District Clerk, Corpus Christi, TX
Lydia I. Steele, District Clerk, Uvalde, TX
Vilma Luna, District Court Judge, Corpus Christi, TX
Fernando G. Mancias, District Court Judge, Edinburg, TX
Mary Roman, District Court Judge, San Antonio, TX
Maria A. Luna, DNC Member, New York , NY
Carol Alvarado , DNC Member At-Large, Houston, TX
Alexander Penelas , Executive Mayor, Miami, FL
James Sedillo, Justice of the Peace, Flagstaff, AZ
Oscar De La Fuente, Justice of the Peace, San Benito, TX
Alfredo Garcia, Justice of the Peace, Oilton, TX
Edward Gonzales, Justice of the Peace, Sarita, TX
Fernando Guajardo, Justice of the Peace, San Juan, TX
Joel Madrid, Justice of the Peace, Balmorhea, TX
America Marley, Justice of the Peace, Fowlerton, TX
Pascual Olibas, Justice of the Peace, Monahans, TX
Luis Romero, Justice of the Peace, Los Fresnos, TX
Henry Santana, Justice of the Peace, Corpus Christi, TX
Manuel Valdez, Justice of the Peace, Fort Worth, TX
Mona Velasquez, Justice of the Peace, Sabinal, TX
Rolando Rocha, Democratic Party Chairman, San Antonio, TX
Joe "Pepe" Aranda, Mayor, Eagle Pass, TX
Marcelo Benavides, Mayor, Rio Hondo, TX
Diamantina Bennett, Mayor, Rio Hondo, TX
Roberto Chavira, Mayor, Del Rio, TX
Rodolfo Farias, Mayor, La Joya, TX
Gumaro Flores, Mayor, Sullivan City, TX
Jorge G. Garcia, Mayor, Palm View, TX
Pablo Gonzales, Mayor, Cotulla, TX
Steve Lopez, Mayor, Devine, TX
Gregorio M. Madrigal, Mayor, Elsa, TX
Frank Moreno, Mayor, Crystal City, TX
Raymundo Rodriguez, Mayor, Socorro, TX
Jesse Rodriguez Sr., Mayor, Odem, TX
Ramiro Silva, Mayor, Edcouch, TX
Arturo Valdez, Mayor, Progreso, TX
Ruperta Vera, Mayor, Natalia, TX
Rudy Villarreal, Mayor, Alamo, TX
Rey Zuniga, Mayor, Pro Tem, Pharr, TX
Felix Benavidez, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Crystal City, TX
Daniel Castillo, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Donna, TX
Dan Costillo, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Donna, TX
Ruben Hinguanzo, Mayor, Pro-Tem, La Joya, TX
Oscar Rios, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Weslaco, TX
Rudy Rodriguez, Jr., Mayor, Pro-Tem, Pearsall, TX
Rico Silva, Mayor, Pro-Tem, Alice , TX
Ricardo Gomez, Muncipal Court Judge, Rio Hondo, TX
Filo Sandoval, Municipal Court Judge, Donna, TX
Toribio "Terry" Palacios, Municiple Court Judge, Edinburg, TX
Consuelo R. Villarreal, County Clerk, Zapata, TX
Emilo Salmon, County Clerk, Marathon, TX
Delma Abalos, School Board Member, Odessa, TX
Frank Apolinar, School Board Member, Pecos, TX
Irene Bustamante, School Board Member, Big Spring, TX
Robert Contreras, School Board Member, Pharr, TX
Ruben Lujan, School Board Member, Fabens, TX
Raquel Mendez, School Board Member, Van Horn, TX
Tomas Molina, School Board Member, San Diego, TX
Lupe Molinar, School Board Member, Seminole, TX
Dalia Paiz, School Board Member, Mathis, TX
Juan Ramos, School Board Member, Progreso, TX
Josue Rivas , School Board Member, Edcouch, TX
Noe Rodriguez, School Board Member, Carrizo Springs, TX
Dora Saavedra, School Board Member, McAllen, TX
Roberto Salcido, School Board Member, Fabens, TX
Socorro Salinas, School Board Member, Benavides, TX
Richard Telles , School Board Member, El Paso, TX
Lorenza Zuniga, School Board Member, San Elizario, TX
Nora Ayala, School Trustee, Coulla, TX
Daniel Blanco, School Trustee, Fort Stckton, TX
Maria Cantu, School Trustee, Charlotte, TX
Ralph Lopez, Sheriff, San Antonio, TX
Eusevio Salinas, Sheriff, Zavala, TX
Gilberto Ybanez, Sheriff, Hebbronville, TX
Joel Rodriguez, Treasurer, Cotulla , TX
Albert Martinez, Trustee, Lamesa, TX
Eluisa Martinez, Trustee, Pearsall, TX
Eva Moreno, Trustee, Pearsall, TX
Tony Benavidez, Trustee, Hospital Board Pecos, TX
Dr. Oscar Garza, School Board Trustee, Pearsall, TX
Frutoso "Pepe" Garza, County Clerk, Falfurrias, TX
David Alaniz, Party Chairman, La Villa, TX
Pedro Colon, State Representative, WI



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