Sommer Garage Doors

SOMMER is a Europe base company that’s best known for it high-tech garage door products as well as wireless control systems. Besides Europe, SOMMER efficiently serves more than 90 countries worldwide. An important factor that makes them unique, reliable and successful is their key principle which their products is centered on; quality, progress, and innovation. visit their website here to know more about their offers.  

In the US, SOMMER has for many years distributed its products from Charlotte NC all through to North and South America. This makes it a solid and trusted brand in these areas. All the garage door openers sold in all these states in the US, as well as all the other countries, is manufactured and engineered in Germany to high, satisfactory and reliable standards.

Professionalism and customer satisfaction is key to any business. In addition to this, their customers are always assured of their being put first. This assures them of professional services and detail to service delivery. This earns them new customers and the old ones returning.

An important quality that makes SOMMER a trusted brand is their dedication and expertise in customer service and outstanding product integrity. All of their products are easy to install, safe and also secure. These are designed with a sleek and modern appeal which is exclusive to the SOMMER brand name.

What They Offer
SOMMERS is widely known for its high-tech garage doors and its accessories. The garage doors are made using the direct drive technology which features a traveling motor that smoothly glides along a fixed chain. This is a high-tech form of mechanism that may explain their unmatched products. It is due to this that the SOMMERS garage doors feature three superior qualities that make them standard out.

(a) Durable and Long Lasting
Unlike ordinary garage doors, SOMMER garage doors feature only one moving part. While most garage doors on the market are designed with their motors at the back of the garage door openers, these ones are located at the door instead. This unique feature maximizes the performance of the garage door. This feature also minimizes the wear and tear of the door and its motor hence durability. This is a feature that you should be looking for in a garage door as is not only saves you money but adds value to it as well.

(b) Extremely Quiet
Another unique feature of this garage door is that it does not have any vibrations. This means that the noisy and disturbing sound that’s made when the garage door is being opened and closed will no longer be a problem. This makes SOMMER garage doors a perfect choice for homes with living spaces above or beside the garage.

(c) Maximum Lifting force
It is also important to note that because the motor that’s attached directly to the door, the door is easily lifted without any struggle. This mechanism makes the closing and the opening of the garage door fast, easy and effortless.

SOMMER is a reliable company that has perfected the garage door mechanism for easier and faster control. Besides the garage door, there are lots of accessories, special applications and even a smart phone app designed to enable your garage door function better, faster and easier.

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