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Al Gore Speaks with Policemen
On every issue, Al Gore has been there -- a champion of working families. He has worked hard to strengthen our economy while also protecting the environment. He has sought to help working parents balance the demands of both home and work, and improve the educational system for their children. He has fought to increase community policing, institute tougher punishment, and ensure smarter crime prevention in our neighborhoods. Every step of the way, Al Gore has been there, fighting for us, fighting for America's families.


bullet  Al Gore's Plan for Accountability in Education
bullet  Al Gore's Education Blue Book
bullet  Fighting To Improve Educational Opportunities - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Revolutionizing American Education
bullet  Saving Our Schools
bullet  Education and Lifelong Learning
bullet  Meeting the Education Needs of Children with Disabilities


bullet  Working For Quality Health Care - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Health Care
bullet  Improving Health Care
bullet  Fighting For Cancer Solutions - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Fighting Cancer
bullet  Americans with Disabilities
bullet  New Treatments for AIDS


bullet  The Economy
bullet  Tax Relief For America's Middle Income Families
bullet  Tax Relief For Families And Small Businesses
bullet  Fighting For Small Businesses - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Closing the Opportunity Gap
bullet  Responsible Middle Class Tax Cuts
bullet  Keeping The Budget Balanced
bullet  Building Prosperity in The Information Age
bullet  Protecting America's Steel Industry


bullet  Stronger Families
bullet  Fighting For Working Families - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Reducing Child Poverty, Promoting Responsible Fatherhood - About the participants


bullet  Working For Older Americans
bullet  Fighting for America's Seniors


bullet  Fighting For Women
bullet  Supporting Women's Right To Choose
bullet  Working For America's Veterans
bullet  Working For Students
bullet  Fighting For African Americans
bullet  Fighting For The Jewish Community
bullet  Fighting For The Hispanic Community
bullet  Fighting For Asian Pacific Americans
bullet  Fighting For Arab Americans
bullet  Fighting For Native Americans


bullet  Campaign Finance Reform
bullet  Reinventing Government
bullet  Keeping The Budget Balanced
bullet  Faith-Based Organizations
bullet  Reducing Child Poverty, Promoting Responsible Fatherhood - About the participants


bullet  Working To Reduce Crime - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Protecting Our Children From Gun Violence - Al Gore's Record
bullet  Fighting Crime
bullet  Fighting Crime for America's Families
bullet  Fighting Crime for America's Families
bullet  Fighting Rural Crime


bullet  Working To Protect Our Environment - Al Gore's Record
bullet  The Environment


bullet  Technology & Science
bullet  Building Prosperity in The Information Age


bullet  Al Gore's Vision For American Foreign Policy
bullet  Foreign Policy & National Defense
bullet  The New Africa Infrastructure Fund


bullet  Agricultural Policy Reform
bullet  Rural Economic Devlopment
bullet  Fighting Rural Crime



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From his leadership on the economy during the last seven years, to his work in the House and the Senate on issues ranging from Family and Medical Leave, to quality health care to a clean environment, Al Gore has made a difference for America's families.

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