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Gore Challenges Bush to Debate Social Security This Month

New York - May 8 - Speaking to newspaper publishers, editors, and executives in New York, Al Gore today challenged George W. Bush to debate him on the future of Social Security before the end of May. Reasserting his challenge to drop TV and radio advertisements and debate twice weekly, Gore told the audience he would accept a debate invitation from any of their newspapers and revealed that he has already accepted offers from 13 news organizations. Today marked the 55th day since Gore issued his initial debate challenge to Bush. more

Gore Unveils Teacher Quality Plan to Toughen Standards, Recruit 1 Million New Teachers, and Boost Teacher Pay

Lansing, MI - May 5 - After spending the day at Holt High School in Holt, Michigan, Al Gore unveiled a comprehensive plan to boost teacher quality, including a nationwide campaign to recruit one million new teachers and boost teacher pay in exchange for higher teacher standards. Gore’s plan will increase teacher accountability by requiring that teachers meet high standards before obtaining tenure, supporting efforts to quickly improve or remove low-performing teachers, requiring states to guarantee that all teachers are fully certified by 2004, and insisting that all new teachers are tested and meet a national standard before entering the teaching force. more

The speech was shown via live webcast right here at algore2000.com. You can watch the video now, by clicking here, or read the text here.

Gore Details Plan to Keep Families Safe and Break Cycle of Drugs and Crime

Atlanta - May 2 - Stressing his commitment to fighting crime, Al Gore today detailed his comprehensive anti-crime agenda and highlighted his "get-clean-to-get-out" and "stay-clean-to-stay-out" drug policies to help cut down on crimes by repeat offenders. Under George W. Bush, Texas slashed its drug and alcohol treatment programs for prisoners and saw its recidivism rate increase by approximately 25 percent. more

This event was shown via live webcast here at algore2000.com. Click here to watch.   You can also read the text of Al Gore's speech here.

Gore Outlines New Security Agenda for American Foreign Policy

Boston - April 30 - Delivering the keynote address to the International Press Institute World Congress in Boston today, Al Gore outlined a New Security Agenda based upon the concept of Forward Engagement that addresses international problems before they become crises. more

Read the full text of Al Gore's speech in Boston here

Gore Details Plan to Hold States, Schools and Students Accountable for Results

Dallas - April 28 - Addressing the national conference of Black Mayors, Al Gore today detailed a five-point plan to hold states, schools and students accountable for results. Gore also noted that Bush's education plan "skimps on needed investments, asks too little on accountability, and does almost nothing to ensure meaningful public school choice and competition." more

Read the full text of Al Gore's speech today in Dallas here, or read details of the new policy here.

The George W. Bush 'Debate Duck'

The Bush "Debate Duck" counter calculates how long George W. Bush has managed to bob and weave away from debating Al Gore:



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